Published: 07/19/2019
girl at the dentist learning to brush her teeth properly and practicing on a denture

There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching your child enjoy summer outings or an afternoon at the local park, but indulging in a candy apple isn’t worth the risk of painful and unsightly cavities. Watching your child’s nutritional diet this summer (and anytime) is the perfect preparation for the growth and development of their permanent teeth. There are quite a few food and drinks that can keep your child’s teeth healthy and others to avoid. Here’s a list of the food and drink: do’s and don’ts. 

Healthy Food And Drinks 

According to the American Dental Association, lots of water and milk are the best option for your child’s growing smile. The water washes away bacteria from leftover food particles from your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth. If your child is having a hard time eating fruits, try slicing them so they can enjoy a few slices. Fruits with a lot of water like pears are also good for your child. 

Foods And Drinks Great For Your Child 

  • cheese 
  • yogurt 
  • leafy vegetables 
  • apples 
  • nuts 

Food And Drinks To Avoid 

WebMD advises parents what their child eats and drinks can impact their smile. The most obvious summer snack for your kids to avoid is candy, but there are other food and drinks that can have a negative impact on their teeth. In fact, many juices are labeled as 100% juice, but the added sugar can really have a tremendous effect on your child’s smile. We’ve put together a list of the summer food and drinks for your child to avoid. 

Foods And Drinks That Negatively Impact Your Child’s Teeth 

  • chewy candy 
  • sugar drinks/sodas 
  • potato chips
  • starchy foods (i.e. pasta, bread) 

Final Thoughts

Parents do a fine job of teaching their child the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth, but teaching them how to eat and drink right is very important. In fact, be the example when it comes to nutritional health for your child! A pediatric dentistry professional is the best way to keep your child’s smile healthy and ensure they’re eating and drinking right. 

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