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Full-Arch Tooth Replacement Options

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If you want to rebuild your smile because of several missing teeth,

turn to Dr. Jigar Gandhi and Dr. Daniil Payziyev for full-arch dental implants and dentures. We offer several convenient tooth replacement options for patients with several missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. We have found that many patients enjoy better results with same-day implants fitted with dentures instead of traditional dentures. This is because dentures that are connected to implants are more stable and have fewer complications.

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How Full-Arch Dental Implants Work

Full-arch dental implants allow us to place a full arch of teeth at one time. This option is ideal for patients who have lost all of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw and do not want traditional dentures. Benefits of full-arch dental implants include:

  • Restores ability to eat your favorite foods
  • Solid and stable solution for those with missing teeth
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Preserves your facial appearance
  • Natural appearance
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Dentures vs. Implant Supported Dentures

So why do some patients still stick with traditional dentures? It usually comes down to a matter of preference and budget. Implant supported dentures are more costly than traditional dentures that sit on the gums because we have to perform dental implant surgery in addition to fitting you for dentures. However, most patients realize implant supported dentures are a wise investment in their oral health since the implants provide more stability and also preserve the jaw bone.

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What to Expect

We understand that dental implant surgery can be a complex procedure but we offer same-day dental implant solutions so you can enjoy almost instant results, with minimal discomfort. We can place a set of implants in a single visit under sedation and use a CT scan for advanced implant planing. This allows us to place dental implants with a high degree of accuracy.

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